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Boxing is a sport which was played in the ancient times. In this type of games, two muscular players showed their strength and power by fighting with each other. They showed their skills, forceful punches, their reflexes, and the endurance to bear the forceful punches of opponent boxer. Both players used gloves on their hands and in the ring they hit the face of opponent and save their faces by the punches of other boxer. They try to knock down their opponent by their strong and powerful punches and win the match. If it is not possible then they continue their fight till the end of the match.



The match is supervised by a referee who is responsible to continue to match without any fault or wrong punch. If any boxer does so then he tackles and gets both boxers separate from each other. There are number of rounds which consist of one to three minutes. If a boxer is knocked down during the match then other will be declared winner otherwise match continues till the end and the decision is announced on the total points of their scorecards at the end of the match.

Amateur boxing is an Olympic and commonwealth sport which has its own World Championships. Now there are various categories of international level of this game. This sport gave famous and popular names to the world like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tayson and many more. This sport is also commercialized and various boxers of International repute earned millions dollars. Women are also taking part in this game like the daughter of Muhammad Ali. It is also considered most difficult and tough game in the world.


boxing game

boxing game

Boxing video games are very popular among children, who play it mostly online. Boxing matches live streaming can be viewed online at many websites.


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