Career of Players in Match Fixing Ends


Lahore, The chairman of PCB says that the players involve in match fixing will not get any concession. If any player is found involved in match fixing, he would think that his career would have been finished.

He talked with media in Lahore and said that the fielding and fitness is very important in the today cricket. The fielding of Pakistani National Team is also very weak. They gave preference to the standard of fielding and fitness among the players. He also told that the coach has told them that only three to four players are on the border line of the standard of fitness. He said that he cleared the coach there they will not make any compromise on the fitness of the players. If any player does not come up to the standard, he will not be included in the team.

The chairman said that new methods are used to capture the players in the spot fixing. The bookies make contact to the players through their friends and relatives. When any player is involved in the fixing, then his whole career becomes suspicious. He said that he will not give any concession to the players, involved in match fixing. Therefore, if any player is found guilty in match fixing then he should think that his career has been finished. The board will also accept the decision of the tribunal on the spot fixing.




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