Dhoni Welcomed By Boom Boom Afridi Slogans in Occupied Kashmir


Srinagar in Occupied Kashmir Mahindra Singh dhoni is being welcomed by boom boom Afridi slogans.

After years of injustice and oppression the Indian army could not wash the love for Pakistan from the hearts of Kashmir’s, when they get a chance they use such kind of way that make the India ashamed.

The Indian team former captain Mahindra Singh dhoni has been giver honorable lieutenant colonel designation, the star cricketer was being invited as a chief guest in a channar league match being held by the Indian army in occupied Kashmir, at that time dhoni looked so happy wearing the army dress, but his happiness lost when all the young’s of the occupied Kashmir started slogans of boom boom Afridi, in this situation the Indian army also got hesitated, one army man was also staring the young’s and was asking them to get back, but all of them looked helpless infront of the attention of the young’s and the space was counted by boom boom Afridi slogans.

On this occasion while talking to the media on one question dhoni said Pakistan vs. India is not just a match it’s more than that, because of it the stadiums get filled and the boards get huge amount of money, he said that the game should kept away from the politics, but the case of Indian team is separate, the cricket restoration between the 2 countries has now become the political and diplomatic decision, it’s good that the cricket restoration decision should be left upon the government, if they allow then play otherwise pay their attention on other matches.


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