imran nazir multan sulatan

Imran nazir is going to be seen in action again for Multan sultans at the Multan cricket stadium.

The brilliant opener that was know because of his fierce hitting around the park has announced that he will be making a comeback to cricket.

Imran nazir is going to be seen in action of Multan sultan at Multan cricket stadium.

The new edition to the PSL Multan sultan announced about the return of the fallen on the face book page, Imran nazir said in the video;

Hello guys! I’m Imran nazir, sultans I’m coming on February 4, to play a friendly match at the Multan cricket stadium.

Imran nazir has become a hit among Pakistani fans because of this powerful batting and errorless fielding. However Imran career was hitted as the injuries surrounded the promising cricketer.

imran nazir multan sultan

imran nazir multan sultan


He played his last match for Pakistan in 2012 but after that he discontinued because of the injuries, in 2014 Imran nazir was hit by a career ending injury, which made him stop from playing domestic cricket as well.

But Imran nazir said that he not going to give up and he is very thankful to all the supporters and his fans who helped him all the way, the cricket star said,

I’m thankful to all my fans, for their support and prayers, which have allowed me to restart my career.

All the cricket fans are hoping that Imran nazir will make a comeback soon that comeback will get started from the Pakistan super league.


imran nazir

imran nazir


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