Indian Hockey Team in favor of series against Pakistan


Indian hockey team has raised voice in favor of matches against Pakistan. Captain Sreejesh said that despite political differences, Pakistani hockey team should play against India in India. Experienced player Rupinder Pal Singh has the opinion that you should always participate whenever you gets a chance to play as a player.

According to details, international sports have started to effect between Pakistan and India due to political conflict. India has started efforts to alone Pakistan sports on international level. After kabaddi world cup, now India has deprived Pakistani team to play in junior world cup that will start from 8th December. But captain of Indian hockey team is in favor of matches between traditional rivals. He said that Pakistan hockey team should visit India despite border conflict and political problems.

He said while talking to foreign news agency that as a sportsman you should play anywhere you gets the chance but the matter is different between Pakistan and India due to security problems. He said Pakistan team should visit India and they will not face any security problem here. It’s their problem but India is a safe country to play.

He said while replying a question that the environment between players of Pakistan and India becomes friendly after end of match. The situation before start of tournament and start of match is better and it improves further after end of match. They meet during dinner and also exchange coffee.

He said about final of Asian Champions Trophy that you have different emotions while playing against an international team especially Pakistan and both their matches against green shirts were different. Another senior player of team, Rupinder Pal, said that winning gold medal after defeating Pakistan in Champions Trophy was a very pleasing moment. He thinks that Pakistan team should come and play in India.



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