Mickey Arther Says Kohli Cannot Make Century in Pakistan

micky arther and virat


Mumbai, Pakistani cricket coach, Mickey Arther challenged Virat Kohli to make a century in Pakistani cricket ground. He challenged to come to Pakistan and make a century in the match and the Indian media got furious on this challenge.

The coach of the national team gave a interview and said that Indian captain is wonderful and very talented batsman but Pakistani bowlers will not allow them to make a century on their own soil. He also said that Kohli played aggressively against all big teams of the world and he piled up the scores against the big teams. He also gets the enjoyment from his batting. But Pakistani bowlers will not let him to make score easily.

Mickey Arthur gave this interview to media few days earlier. When this interview was sent to the Indian media, they raised the storm. Various websites praised Virat Kohli and they stated that the Indian captain made centuries against 9 test playing teams and won the ICC captain this year and won the award of cricketer of the year award and also stated the long list of his achievements and finally they made fun of the sentences of Mickey Arthur.


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