New Records of Crowds Set Up In Series with Pakistan


Sydney, the crowd has set up new records during the test matches against Pakistan. The spectators came in large number in all three venues of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and they got the enjoyment during the competitions. On the last two days of the Gaba and in the initial stages of the boxing day, the viewers got the enjoyment of tremendous cricket playing.

The ex captain of Australia, Ion Chappell declared the test series against Pakistan completely flop and he demanded with his board not to invite Pakistan in the next series. On the other hand, the statistics show that the large number of crowed got the enjoyment of the test matches in the extremely hot weather after the matches with South Africa. This non ashes season proved beneficial for the Cricket Australia and during the 6 matches, about 5 lac 21 thousand and 725 spectators came to the stadiums to watch the matches and this is the record of the spectators in the non ashes series and the previous record of the spectators was 5 lac 15 thousand and 157 spectators, which was made against West Indies and South Africa in 2005-2006.

In the first test match at Gaba Stadium, in Brisbane, total 78 thousand spectators came in the ground. This is the biggest number of spectators for any non ashes series at this venue from the start of the record in 1979. Similarly, on the Boxing Day at Melbourne, there was the crowd of 63,478 spectators and about 61,552 spectators came in this ground in the match against Pakistan in 2004. Cricket Australia is pleased with the huge number of spectators during this season and this season is proved very beneficial for the host associations.



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