Pakistan Vs India 2012-13 Cricket Live

Pakistan vs India Cricket Series 2012-2013

The cricket lovers in India and Pakistan are waiting for the aggressive cricket between the two countries from last four years. Now both countries agreed to conduct the cricket series for their public and for the cricket and you can imagine the people are so much ambitious that they started purchasing tickets for watching cricket matches in the ground. Both the countries are rivals and their series being conducted has greater charm and enthusiasm than any other country of the world. This series will be consisted of 2 twenty 20 international matches and 3 one day international matches which will be playing at different grounds of India. India was shown interest for conducting these matches so this series is being conducting in India. Both of the countries did not play any one day international match since last world cup which was played in India last year. International Cricket Council prepared Future Cricket Tour Programs and this series is the part of that Tour Programs.


Pakistan vs India Cricket Series 2012-2013

Pakistan vs India Cricket Series 2012-2013

The series will start with the first twenty20 match being played at Bangalore on December 25, 2012 and the people have already purchased the tickets of the match. There are four more matches which will be played at different times and at different venues. The complete schedule has been issued by the BCCI and now people are purchasing tickets for the matches which are being played in their own cities. Both teams are balanced and it is hoped that the matches will be tough and the cricket fans have to watch the interesting matches. Both teams played their last one day match in the previous world cup and since then they did not compete with each other.


The matches of India Pak series 2012-13 will be broadcast by different television channels and millions of people can watch these matches through these channels it can also be telecast through internet. The People living in North America region can also watch these matches through different websites or internet. The people who miss the live match then they should watch the match by the highlights or through recorded match by different channels or internets sources or websites.

Pakistan Vs India Live Cricket 2012 | India Vs Pakistan Series Cricket Match


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