PCCW TV Channel

PCCW TV Channel

PCCW is a television network being launched in Hong Kong in 2000 by HKT Group Holdings Limited. This television networks provides its broadcasting to the people living in America, Europe, Middle East, China and various parts of Asia. This network also does its business in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It also presents its products including Broadband Internet access, Integrated Global Communication, IPTV, Infrastructure, Mobile, Fixed Lines, IT Solutions, advertising and interactive services.

PCCW TV Channel

PCCW TV Channel

This network provides facilities of broadband internet which provide its services to the users in Hong Kong through NETVIGATOR. It provides facilities to the users with various internet access speeds along with other value added practical services. NETVIGATOR presents its packages of Fiber Direct service to a large number of households in Hong Kong.



  1. Shiver says:

    Be happy girl..IPL is on na. I don’t understand the reolitan between media and government thr..but, am sure they will figure out ways to telecast all the matches.

  2. Dennis Rafidi says:

    PCCW TV Channel is an amazing share. Thanks a lot for this article.

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