Players Appeal to Cast Vote and Perform National Liability

Pakistan National Cricket Players

The national cricket stars appealed to the public to cast the vote and perform the national liability. The recent elections are considered very important in the interior politics and the people of the showbiz industry and the players are taking part in these elections. They are appealing to the people to cast their vote as casting the vote is the national duty of the people.

Muhammad Hafeez

The all rounder of Pakistani national cricket team, Muhammad Hafeez shared a video message on twitter and he insisted on the importance of the vote and he appealed to the public to cast their vote in the general elections. He said that he was appealing to the people to cast their vote on the day of the general election, 25 July 2018 and perform the national duty. Which of the candidate or the political party, you think suitable, cast your vote in their favor and contribute in the national building for your better future.


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