Severe Response of Criticism on Sarfaraz, Amer Sohail Explains

amir sohail

Lahore, The ex captain of Pakistani cricket team, Amer Sohail criticized over Sarfaraz Ahmed and Amer got the severe response of the criticism on Sarfaraz on the social media. He said that his statement was presented from its true meaning.

Amer Sohail said that he was the sole person, who favored to give captaincy of the national team to Sarfaraz Ahmed. He did not say that Sarfaraz Ahmed is working a special agenda. He gave the statement that he was asked a question after winning the match from Sri Lanka. He was asked whether he named this victory to cricket legend, Javed Miandad then he responded, no because he criticizes over them. He said that if they would do wrong then they will declare them wrong and if they will do right then they will also say them right. If they make any mistake, then they will point out it.

The responses appeared on the social media on the statement of Amer Sohail and on user said that the players of 1992-1996 have the superiority complex and they did not shake off this superiority complex. They do not like to appreciate the young players on their performances.


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