Sharapova Punishment reduced


The five time grand slam winner Russian player, Maria Sharapova faced in the court and the court changed the judgment of the previous court for ban of 2 years. Now the court gave the concession to tennis star, Sharapova and now her punishment is limited to 15 months.

The biggest global arbitrary court of the sports heard the case of ex world number 1 of tennis, Sharapova. The appeal was launched in the court against the judgment of two years ban on the tennis star. The ban was put on her for two years for using the prohibited medicines. The test was conducted in January this year during the Australia Open and it was received as positive and the international tennis federation put ban of two years on her.

Russia lodged an appeal for ban on its player and it claimed that Maria has been using this medicine since 2006 due to some health issues. Maria said that she did not use this medicine to increase the efficiency in her game. Now the world biggest arbitrary court put ban on her and now this ban is decreased to only 15 months and now she will return in the court in April 2017.

After the decision she talked with media and said that she started counting the days to come back in the tennis court. She was feeling strange with the first decision and she was feeling that she lost her dearest thing from her and now she is feeling good after this judgment. She said that tennis is her passion and she is missing it a lot. She further added that she received the first judgment in June, which was unjust and it was not acceptable for her. The court panel also that her case was not about the player, who deceived but she violated the rules and regulations.

She further added that her agent did not provide suitable instructions about the list of the banned medicines, which is issued by WADA. The tribunal also said that both the dope tests, which were conducted on 2 February and after her defeat of Serena in the quarter final of the Australian Open will be considered as one case.






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