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Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a sports TV which is a group of sports television channels which was launched on April 20, 1991 by the British Sky Broadcasting.  This channel is operated by Satellite pay TV company based in UK and Ireland. The Sky TV brought commercialization in sports in UK. It broadcast various world cups of many games, other tournaments and contests of international repute. It supported various games and encouraged young generation to come and participate in different games. It broadcast various contests of football and also promoted premier league.

Sky Sports established various other channels like Sky Sports1, Sky Sports2 and so on which are transmitting sports and games in live and recorded format for their viewership living in Ireland and the Great Britain.


Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports TV has launched various other channels for the live coverage of sports events and celebrations of competitions. Sky Sports 4 is its fourth sports channel which broadcast football matches and sports activities like La Liga and other popular sports events. This channel was established in April 1999. This channel is also called Sky Sports Xtra but on January 6, 2010 it was named as Sky Sports 4. This channel has been functioning by showing live and recorded sports activities and international matches or contests as well as local and regional sports activities.

Sky Sports broadcast various sports events and gaming contests for various sports and games including Football premier league, PGA Tour, Cricket, Rugby League, Major Championships, Ryder Cup, Ice Hockey, European Tour, Rugby Union, Spanish Football, World Golf Championship, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Scottish Premier League and many more.


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