T20 Ranking Pakistan is on The 1st Position

T20 Ranking Pakistan is on The 1st Position

Dubai: Pakistan is on the 1st position in the world T20 ranking.

At the end of the first match of the series between India and New Zealand ICC revealed the new icc t20 ranking according to which as new Zealand lost the match from India Pakistan got promoted to the 1st position. Now Pakistan is on the first position of the world t20 ranking with 124 points and now New Zealand is on 2nd and West Indies on 3rd.

In the ranking England is on 4th, India is on 5th, South Africa is on 6th and Australia is on 7th position, whereas the Srilanka team is on 8th, Afghanistan is on 9th and Bangladesh is on 10th position.

Keep in mind that Pakistan team got 3 points after they clean sweeped the series against Srilanka and they were lacking 1 point behind the no 1 New Zealand. And now New Zealand after losing the match from India is on 2nd position with 121 points.

For maintain the position of Pakistan it is necessary that the new Zealand lose 1 more match from the 3 matches series because if the kiwi make a comeback and won the series by winning the next 2 matches by 2-1 then they will again get the 1st position in the t20 ranking.


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