Non Formal Meeting with Shahid Afridi


I was awfully busy in my office and suddenly the phone bell rang. When I looked at the screen, it was the call of Shahid Afridi.

“Brother, you will have to dine with me on Saturday in my new home. I invited my 20 to 25 friends and I will not accept any lame excuse”. After that there was no chance of ‘No’ to him.

It was already decided that I called him after reaching a popular place near his home and I got location of his home. When I reached his home, I uttered the words of ‘Ma Sha Allah’. Shahid Afridi got constructed very beautiful home. When I entered his home, he met with me with open arms. There was bandage on his hand as he was injured during a match of PSL. When I reached there, there were his brother Mushtaq Afridi and four or five other people. They were ex-city Nazim, Mustafa Kamal, journalist Majid Bhatti, Shahid Shamsi and an unknown person.

Shahid took all guests in the basement of his home. When we entered there, we looked the framed shirts of Younis Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Ab De Villairs and Shane Warne, which were signed by them. There was the shirt of Virat Kohli and it was also framed and signed by him. On the left side, there was big painting of his popular pose, when Afridi takes the wickets and some important man of the match trophies and other trophies were placed. He also hung his Pakistani shirt having 10 number after being framed. A snooker table was also placed there in a side room. When we reached in the basement, some old and religious people were also sitting there.

People remained busy in their discussion there and other guests were also coming. Other guests are ex-squash star, Jahangir Khan, ex-captain Moeen Khan, Salah Uddin Sallu, Abdul Raqeeb, Dr Junaid Ali Shah, singer Shahzad Roy and various leading personalities of other fields of the life. Afridi addressed all people and said that all these people are his best friends and he invited them in his new home. Then a religious person shared some religious teachings with the people. Journalist Mirza Iqbal Baig told me that he is the ex hockey player of Customs, Jamshed Sultan and he is now busy in the religious activities. After this discussion, the congregation prayer was offered and after some time, the dinner was started in the courtyard.

Different dishes were served in the dinner including Bar B Que and the discussion was also continued. Shahid Afridi and Mushtaq Afridi took great care of every one. On the table, where I sat, Moin Khan shared the jokes with others and made the people to raise their laughers. After dinner, I looked at my watch and I imagine that I got very late and I had to go to my office to complete my work. When I got permission from Shahid, he stopped me to have some discussion but I said sorry that I had may works at my office.

While returni9ng from house of Shahid Afridi, I was thinking that Shahid Afridi got tremendous respect because he is very humiliated and after meeting with him, no one can say that he is such a big star. This is the reason that he has maintained huge fan followers.









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