Pak Cricket Team Plays Slow Against West Indies

Pak Cricket Team Plays Slow Against West Indies

Karachi, Pakistani cricket team played the three test match series against West Indies. Pakistani team played very slow in making the score and they played 2271 dot balls in five innings of the three test matches. Azhar Ali played 530 dot balls and Misbah ul Haq played 444 dot balls and they remained successful in getting tired the West Indian bowlers.

During the test series against the Caribbean, Pakistan played very slowly. In the Jamaica test match, Pakistan played 652 dot balls in the first inning and they played 48 dot balls in the second innings. They played total 894 balls in which they made score on 194 balls. In the first inning of Barbados test, they played 679 balls and 179 balls were dot. They made score on 182 balls and 868 balls were remained dot balls in the second test match. They played 879 dot balls in the third test match and they scored on 176 balls.

Azhar Ali was on the top of the players, who played very slow in the test matches. He played 662 balls and he did not make any run on 530 balls. He scored 258 runs in the test series and his strike rate is 38.97 and captain Misbah played 583 balls in which 444 balls were dot and he scored 269 runs in the test series. His strike rate was 46.14




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