India vs Australia T20 World Cup 2016 Live Cricket Match IND vs AUS


The T20 match between India vs Australia will be played on 27 March 2016 at Mohali, India. The match between these two teams will be interesting and the players can show their performance during the match. This will be most crucial match between Australia v India of ICC Twenty20 world cup 2016 as both the teams will play well in the match and they will show their performance and try to win it. The spectators will watch the long and hard hitting of the players during the match through their live transmission of the match direct from the stadium. The match between these two teams will be broadcast from stadium through PTV Sports in Pakistan, Ten Sports in India and other sports channels will broadcast it in different countries. The viewers will get the excitement over the T20 match, which will be played between India v Australia and it will give the enjoyment over the match. The live scorecard of the match will also be shown with the live transmission of the match, so that the audience will check the changing situation of the match and they can get the updates score board of the match.


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