Messi Made Important Decision of His Life

Messi Made Important Decision of His Life

Buenos Aires, Lionel Messi is the leading and popular striker of football team of Argentina. He has made the important decision of his life and he is going to getting married with his old girl friend and he shared this good news with his fans that he will wed with his friend, Antonila Rokozo.

Lionel Messi is representing the Spanish football club and he is considered the most talented footballer at this time. He decided that he will get married in the backward area of Argentina in which he also invited various international personalities in his wedding. He will get married on 30 June and all of the arrangements have been made. He gave the security responsibilities to the experts of Israel team, which has already performed the duties of responsibility in the past. He also invited the pop star, Shakira and her husband in his wedding and he has also got prepared the traditional dishes of Argentina.

He also invited about 155 journalists from all over the world for the coverage of his wedding and they will not be allowed to meet with the guests, who are invited in this wedding ceremony.


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