Pakistani wrestler Mustafa Ali Defeats Israeli Competitor in WWE


Mustafa Ali is the first Pakistan professional wrestler and he fought the bout in WWE ring last year. He showed his performance in the episode of 205 Live of WWE last week and it continued for one hour and it showed the dedication to cruise weight competitors. He fought against the wrestler, John Yurnet of Puerto Rico but he received unexpected injury and Mustafa Ali could not expose his talent but he won this fight.

He fought against the Israeli-Scottish wrestler, Noam Dar this week and he showed resistance against Ali. Both the wrestlers showed their full potential and the viewers watched some movies like arms bars, Tornado DDT and rolling neck breaker but Ali defeated him finally with the impressive Inverted 450 splash.

Mustafa Ali is the Chicago based Pakistani wrestler and it got many victories and looks to be high on the radar of the company. He is not play like the stereotypical foreign bad guy but he is a baby face wrestler, which is the pro wrestling term for good guy and his fans cheered on him.

After his fight, Mustafa Ali spoke about the WWE fight to prove them the wrong as people made the assumptions on the basis of their names and appearance. He said that it was not perfect world but he could improve himself with every victory that piled up on 205 Live and he was going to speak for itself.

He played his latest match and it showed that his has great athleticism and his victory shows that WWE is building up the brand of Mustafa Ali and there is no doubt that he has strong wrestling abilities. It is necessary for the modern wrestler to be perfect package of the charisma, skills and ability of wrestling and he is engaged with the crowed like no other to have all that.

He noticed various new and big changes in WWE and the fans looked for the new opportunities of independent wrestlers like Ali. It is interesting to see how Ali got these opportunities and he established himself as the big player in 2017.



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