Post of Chairman PCB Honorary but Countless Privileges

Chairman PCB

Karachi, The post of the chairman of PCB looks honorary but it has various privileges. The newly elected chairman will get the advantage from these privileges. He will have the authority to spend huge amount on himself.

According to the detail, the head of the cricket board is considered the second big post after the post of the prime minister of Pakistan. Various political personalities try to get this post. They use media and also get the privileges of the international tours and various other privileges. According to the details, the post of chairman is not entitled or the salary but he can spend millions of rupees for himself every month. He can get well decorated home with all necessary facilities and millions of rupees are reserved for this purpose. He also gets the 3500cc car with driver and he can avail this facility, when he goes out of the city.

He can claim about 40,000 for the payment of electric, gas and water bill and he is provided with security guards, and 4 employees for his home. He avails a landline phone and mobile phone and he can enjoy the medical facility for him and his wife. He enjoys the first class facility in the airplane when go out on the international tours. He stays in the five star hotels and during his domestic tour, he gets 10,000 rupees daily and on the international tours he gets over PKRĀ  30,000 with accommodation and without residence, he can get $650 per day, which is over PKR 65,000 allowance. For the business entertainment, the chairman can spend money without limit.



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