Amir Khan Wants Fights to Mayweather after Ramadan


London, Pakistan fame British boxer Amir Khan says that the manager of American boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. contacted with him to play against him and he showed his willingness to play against the American boxer after Ramadan ul Mubarak.

Amir Khan has challenged the American boxer, Mayweather many times to play a boxing match, who has won the dearest boxing fight yesterday but they used delaying tactics many times. Now this time, American boxer, Mayweather contact with Pak fame British boxer and requested him to play against him. He also said that the American boxer is attaining the age of 38 years and he is going on retirement this year in December and he wants to play against him in the last fight of his career. Amir Khan said that he wanted to play against Mayweather in the ring. Amir Khan has to play against ex Welter weight champion, Chris Aljerry and his fight is scheduled with him. After this, Ramadan ul Mubarik season is started so he cannot play against him due to this sacred month.

Amir Khan also said that he is ready to play against Mayweather at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next year. He is ready to play against hi, where he wants to fight. But Mayweather should understand that he is a good boxer but he does not has the ability of quick and fast blow and the boxer, who punches hard, is Amir Khan.

It is evident that Pak fame British boxer, Amir Khan has played 33 international matches in his career in which he won 30 times. He played last fight previous year, when he defeated American boxer, Alexander with huge margin.


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