Boxer Muhammad Waseem Refused Korean Nationality for Pakistan


Karachi, Pakistan boxer, Muhammad Waseem won the title of WBC in Korea and he returned to the country. He said that he refused the Korean nationality for Pakistan.

He conducted the press conference in Karachi and said that boxing is very expensive game and it needs sponsor. He does not need cash but promoter. He complained against the government by not doing cooperation with him and said that he won different medals including Commonwealth games, Asian games and various other titles but the government did not sponsored him for any fight. The government made different promises but they did not act upon their advices. All of the officials contacted with him before going to America but no one helped him. He went to Baluchistan government for four times but they did not contact with him. He won the WBC title in America at his own and the Korean sponsor supported him.

Boxer Muhammad Waseem said that he is going to challenge the best boxers of the world and he will play the fight for world title in March. He needs sponsor for the next fight and the government announced the sponsor but they did not take practical steps. He further added that Korea offered him the nationality but he is not ready to leave Pakistan. The Korean promoters are still sponsoring him.







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