Pakistan Cricket Team most searched on Google during World Cup 2015


According to a latest study by internet giant Google, Pakistani team is the most searched team among all the teams participating in ICC world cup 2015.

The study says that the search about Pakistani team didn’t fall despite its two humiliating defeats against India and West Indies in the beginning of the tournament and it is still the most searched team globally on Google search engine.

After Pakistan; India, West Indies, Australia and England are the other most searched teams of the WC in Google. According to other online trends, the associate member teams are also searched by the people while Afghanistan is on the top of these teams while they are followed by Bangladesh, Ireland and in the end there is UAE.

Google also told that apart from the performance of the teams, other characteristics such as physical appearance of the players are also among the reasons of these searches.

The worldwide trend is the search for height of James Taylor while Indian fans are more interested about knowing the exact height of Pakistani pacer Mohammad Irfan.

After the appearance of James Taylor on the field, the search query about the height of James Taylor reached forty times than before in the search engine, according to Google.

The trends also shows that since the start of world cup 2015, the hair style of India’s vice captain Virat Kohli are also among the most searched things on internet.

Chris Gayle, who scored a 200 in the world cup against Zimbabwe, is the most searched West Indian player on the internet while his South Asian fans are more interested about the “Dance of Chris Gayle”.

Google also added that the global search for Sri Lankan batsman Mahela Jayawardene reached at peak when his bat broke in to two pieces while he was facing a delivery from Shapoor Zardan, an Afghanistan fast bowler.


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