PCB Ban Umar Akmal


Lahore, Pakistan Cricket Board put ban on Umar Akmal for three matches and also imposed fine of 10 lac rupees. The PCB conducted the investigation of the matter through a disciplinary committee and under the recommendation of the committee, the cricket board put ban of three matches. The committee declared him violation of three section of the code of conduct and the severe punishment is awarded to the cricketer. The cricket board will also not issue the NOC to play the international leagues and tournaments.

The cricketer, Umar Akmal held a press conference in Lahore and he put blame on the head coach, Mickey Arthur that he abused him and he held him to do the practice in the national cricket academy. On which, PCB served the cricketer with a show cause notice. The cricketer replied to this show cause notice but PCB was not satisfied with the reply of the show cause notice so they served another show cause notice to the cricketer as to why he violated the code of conduct and he apologized for the mistake, when he made and said that his press conference with the result of his anger.



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