Sania Pregnancy Confirmed Baby Expect in October


Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have shared the good news of the new baby in their home. The couple has confirmed this good news on the social media website, Twitter in very interesting and unique way. They have shared the picture on the social media and after watching this picture, you can imagine that they are waiting for the arrival of the new baby very soon.

They have shared the picture of wardrobe showing three portion, one for Shoaib, second for Sania and third for the new coming baby, which is expected during October this year. The size of the shirt is also changed and it shows that the third portion is reserved for the young baby and it is named as ‘Mirza-Malik’. Sania Mirza talked with media few days before in Indian city, Goa, where she attended the event on gender discrimination. She said that it is the wish of the couple to have girl as their first child and they will give her the name of ‘Mirza Malik’, which will also be the family name of the child.



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