Tennis Live Score

Live Tennis Score

Tennis is another popular and commercialized game of the world. A large number of people in American continent or in Europe like to watch such type of games. Normally this game is played between two players and between two teams having two players in each team which is called doubled. If there is one male and one female player in a match then it is called mix double. The ground is rectangular in shape which is called court and in the middle of the court, a net is erected touching the ground. The players have to cross the ball without dropping in their own side and in the playing area of other player. The shot is played in such way that other player cannot return and in this way he can get a point. There are many games in a set and every match contains three to five sets. This match takes three to four hours.


The match referee conduct the match which sitting in the line of set just outside the ground. The match is played with tennis rackets and a hollow rubber ball. There are various tournaments being held by various countries. Some countries have developed their own beautiful courts for this game and they also organize tournaments in which internationals belonging to different countries take part.

Tennis Live Score

Tennis Live Score

The game has been given modern trend by England by making various modifications in this game. Now this game is started playing in open ground which is called lawn tennis.

This game has four Grand Slam tournaments organized by various countries. The French Open is played on red clay courts, the Australian Open and US Open are played on hard courts while Wimbledon is played on grass courts. The rules of the games are almost same as these were framed in 1890 but there are a few changes have been made in this game. The first one is to keep the server one foot touching the ground all the time and the electronic review technology is also adopted to challenge the point system.

Various countries have launched TV channels meant for sport activities and competitions which broadcast tennis and other sport activities including ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN International, NTV Moscow, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, BBC Red Button, VRT, Supersport, STAR Sports, STAR Sports 2, WowWow, Channel 7, Fox Sports HD.

Not only tennis live score can be viewed online, but also you can watch live tennis matches streaming. There are many websites which are offer live tennis matches to watch.


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