Tokyo Olympic 2020 Postponed for 1 year


Tokyo Olympic 2020 are postponed by about one year. The Japanese Prime Minister and the president of International Olympic Committee agreed on the postponement of the international Olympic Games for one year, which were going to be started from 04 July 2020 in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Tokyo Olympic 2020 Postponed for 1 year.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Cancelled

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Cancelled

It is reported that the PM of Japan and the President of IOC agreed in a meeting to postpone the Olympic Games for one year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. It is decided that the Tokyo Olympic 2020 will be conducted during the summer season in 2021 but these games will still be known as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic. The discussion on the Olympic games were going on and some nations had already withdrawn from the games by stating about the public and athlete health concerns.

Tokyo Olympics Postponed for One Year

The pressure was increased on the IOC and Japan in the recent days because some countries withdrew their athletes to participate in these Olympic because of the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world and the Olympic committee and the Japanese government have to make the decision for the postponement of the Olympic games Tokyo 2020 for about one year. As the situation of the coro0navirus spreading is becoming worse across the globe and it is not possible for any country to participate in the games due to health concerns of their officials and athletes and the economic conditions of most of the countries have also been deteriorated badly, which takes some time to improve. Now the Japanese government and the IOC has made the final decision to manage the Olympics next year during the summer season but the Olympics will be known as Tokyo Olympic 2020.


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