Watch Undertaker Vs. Shane McMahon — Wrestle Mania 32

undertaker vs Shane McMahon

The wrestling between Undertaker vs Shane McMohan will be tough, and there can be any manner of unpleasant things happened, when both will come against each other in the hell in a cell fight. This fight will be done at Wrestle Mania 32 on April 03. You can check who won this fight in this match.

This was the tremendous fight between these two wrestlers in the hell in the cell. Undertaker, 51 and McMohan, 46 fought this battle to the death and they showed the thrilling moment in this match at Wrestle Mania 32 and it was the breathtaking match and you must know who won this fight.

You would find that the winner was Undertaker and he tomb stoned his rival in the fight when Shane jumped from the huge height of the cell and tried to fall over his opponent to crush him under his body. Undertaker was lying on the table flat and he moved when Shane jumped over him and now Shane never recovered during the fight.

This was the tremendous fight and it was the real test of their pain as their bodies slammed and chokes caused the fighters to groan the pain of their opponent during the fight. Undertaker saved himself and this cell became the weapon for other fighter. He was looking in pain with hell in the cell. Shane would force Undertaker to submit with his sharp shooter but he was not succeeded.

Shane jumped over him from the top of the cell and he wanted to give a kick to trash into the midriff of Undertaker. The fighters started blows outside the ring and Shane cut down the cell at one stage with clippers and they want to end up the crashing from the panel of cell.

Undertaker was 22-1 before going into Wrestle mania and this was the tremendous and wonderful record of any wrestler in the history of fighting in the ring. Shane also got the victory in two matches in which one was against his father, Vince McMohan and the other is in the X-Pac in European Title Fight in 1999.

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