16 tennis players involved in Match Fixing

16 tennis players involved in Match Fixing

London, There is a case of match fixing in Tennis is revealed after cricket. British Broadcasting Department has claimed that they have some secret documents that there are 16 tennis players, who have been involved in the match fixing scandal in important events including Wimbledon.  However, the department did not reveal the names of the players in their report.

Tennis is considered one of the most costly games of the world and now there are some news about match fixing in tennis also. British Broadcasting Department has revealed relating to the secret documents that there are about important 16 players of tennis, who have been involved in the match fixing and the committee, which has been supervising the competition of tennis, it also declared it doubtful. However, the committee did not impose ban over these players to continue their game.

According to the investigation agency, in these doubtful players, the grand slam winner players are also induced. The committee started the investigation in 2007 and it has been revealed that there have been many casinos in Russia and Sisley, Northern Italy, fixed their thousands of pounds on these matches. From these matches, three matches were played in Wimbledon. It was also recommended in the investigation reports, which was send to the tennis managements that the investigation must be carried out against 28 players of tennis but no action was taken this report.


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