Astro TV Channel

Astro TV Channel logo

Astro is also known as All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operators which is a state owned television network in Malaysia. This network is responsible for providing transmission through digital satellite television and radio to various parts of Malaysia and Brunei. This television station was launched by the Broadcasting Media on June 01, 1996. The headquarter of the channel has been established at All Asia Broadcast Centre, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it has set up its studios in various other cities of the country.

Astro TV Channel logo

Astro TV Channel logo

This television network has also established various other high definition broadcasts to improve their broadcasting. Firstly launched Astro B.yond in December 2009 and then introduced PVR in June 2010 and later on introduced IPTV in April 2011.

This television continued its support to the customers and won gthe Putra Brand Awards. Astro enjoyed this award winning celebration with the customers by giving the customers opportunity to enjoy all channels for 10 days.


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